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How iMonetize Partnered With Google to Change the Way Commerce Brands Monetize

Since the launch of its new product “Monetize” the new digital company iMonetize, a subsidiary of Zürtech, has already done more for innovation in its industry than most companies have ever thought about.

Up until this point data monetization platforms are highly utilized for data insights and recommendations, co-branding, co registration or email captures to build your brands mailing list. All that is changing thanks to iMonetize who is disrupting traditional monetization models by leveraging a brand’s customer acquisitions allowing any commerce brand to acquire another transaction in real time or post purchase. An impressive offering for any commerce brand to leverage valuable data that’s sitting un-monetized inside a CRM or customer vault.

Enter Switzerland-based Zürtech, and its brand iMonetize who are quickly winning a reputation in working with top brands to become disruptive forces in their markets. Most recently, this has led to iMonetize announcing a new strategic partnership with the Google Accelerator Program to power their product “Monetize”.

Rebecca Selznick, A Senior Google account representative recently said, “We know that all Zürtech brands such as iMonetize are crazy growth engines”.

“We are absolutely honored to have been hand selected by the most powerful company of our generation, and to have a true partner in Google to power our products” Nick Perzichilli, iMonetize Co-Founder

iMonetize now has access to Google’s top tools and resources, including things like one-on-one analytics, strategic support of Google Ad data, inventory, Fortune 100 level Google account representatives, proprietary information on customer behavior & much, much more.

Experts from Google’s digital marketing and strategy teams will work with the teams from iMonetize to manage and optimize Google Ad buys on their properties like Google Search, YouTube, and Display.

iMonetize uses its proprietary future proof technology to work seamlessly with a brands existing online or offline commerce sales paths to dramatically boost bottom line profits from customer acquisitions in simple, effective ways that brands trust.

“iMonetize owes a lot of its success to Co-Founder Patrick Graf, who specializes in marketing-technology, compliance and payment processing and can manifest innovation as well as any of the top Fortune 100 CTOs” Nick Perzichilli, iMonetize Co-Founder

Within minutes iMonetize can deploy a powerful machine learning platform enabling any commerce brand to effectively manage their business objectives while intelligently mapping out the next best course of action for both the brand and its customers, and guarantees they’ll generate your commerce brand an effortless recurring revenue stream, everytime.

“We work with many of the World’s top online, and offline commerce brands. While many of them excel at selling their core product, what they typically don’t know about is monetization. The great thing about iMonetize is the fact that our customers fundamentally trust the platform, and are confident it works” – Nick Perzichilli, iMonetize Co-Founder

Brands like HealthWidget that exploded from 0 to over 3 million customers in just 16 months are already using iMonetize widgets to monetize their ecommerce sales funnels in real time.

There are no business objectives incapable of being smashed with this proprietary monetization platform. Visit today to join the World’s fastest growing brands that love iMonetize.

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