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How To Create Headlines That Perform Well

Reese Mimi Tseayo
Author Reese Mimi Tseayo

Having a great headline can either make or break your marketing campaign. If you are wondering how you can get better at this, and grow your ads engagement score, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is present the right offer to the right audience at the right time. This is no easy feat so you’re going to need to do some planning ahead and prep work.


First off, you have to start by planning your campaign and marketing strategy. At this stage, you have to decide what offer you would be promoting, identify, and understand your target market and choose what source of traffic you want to use in addition to allocating a budget for testing and optimization. When your plan is complete and you know where and what you want to promote to your audience, you can now start preparing the content for your offer.

Preparing your offer

Your content should all revolve around your offer, this will include descriptions, headlines, and landing pages as well as images. You have to put a lot of time and effort into this because your content must be powerful in addition to being timely and relevant if it is to capture anyone’s attention. In the sea of ads, customers are bombarded with daily, you only have a few seconds to catch your target audience’s attention so you have to make sure your content is amazing.

Now Go!

Having created your campaign plan and offer, you may proceed with the most vital part of the whole process, creating your ads! We’ll share some guidance and tips on how to craft creative and relevant content. You can also use visual elements to your advantage as well as descriptions and headlines. Using all the opportunities at your disposal will give you additional exposure and increase your level of satisfaction with a wider audience.

How to create powerful headlines

One of the key parts of your brand’s content is its headlines. They can communicate quick information about you that determines whether a client takes the next step with your ad or keeps scrolling. It’s your one chance to convince them so take it seriously and do not undermine the potential of an amazing headline. The next time you’re developing a headline, here are a few things you should consider.

Keep it short

Nothing is shorter and more rapidly decreasing than the average attention span of today’s consumer. It is important not to waste people’s time with a long headline. Keep it short, relevant, and pass the message immediately. Some of the best headlines have only 70 characters or less.
Stay number oriented

Using a number in your sentences will make you sound convincing and make it easier for your audience to see it while surrounded by text. Humans pick tend to pick out and pay more attention to numbers as they seem more factual than text. Another important thing to use is listicles. People love lists as they make information more organized in addition to making it look like going through whatever information they are sharing will require minimal time and effort. Listicles are addictive and even though they may contain more than straightforward text, they draw more engagement which is what you are looking for. They’re also great for making social media posts appear more aesthetically pleasing. neater and

Be intriguing

Headlines that seem to ask a question work well as they leave people hanging. It plants the need to find closure in their minds so they click on your ads to find the answer to the question asked. The curiosity gap causes our brains to feel deprived when we realize we do not have all the answers. Using a headline that shares a bit of information and closes with an open question will draw more engagement and likes. Avoid using questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. You can ask questions that begin with words like how, what, where, why, when, etc.

Employ urgency

Give your audience a sense of scarcity and urgency with every headline. You want them to think this is their only chance at landing this bargain. They must believe now is the time to act or they will miss out on a great deal. When faced with this situation, buyer’s brains tend to lose rational sense, and their natural desire to gain from an offer kicks in, making them more likely to make the purchase.

Be surprising

Whenever something new debuts, everyone is excited to see the unique and unusual. It activates the pleasure sensor in the brain which can be quite addictive especially when the new thing appears to be more surprising, or confidential. Using words that stimulate curiosity in addition to other salesy words like astonishing or incredible can create an astonishing effect on your conversion rates.

Be negative

Sometimes it’s okay to toss positive headlines out of the window when you want to create a killer headline. Most people are involuntarily negative thanks to evolution. A lot of people expect the worst which has to lead to an increase in our chances of survival in the past and its an adaptive factor that still exists today. Negativity can make people more alert and it does attract attention. You can use this to your advantage by using words like stop, avoid or don’t. You’ll notice more engagement as people are quite interested in knowing what they should not be doing.

Check your grammar

It can be quite off-putting for your audience when they have to pick out grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in your headlines. When things are spelled more accurately, it makes you seem more credible so don’t forget to be attentive and diligent as you proofread your copy. You should also give attention to the number of characters you have in a headline as some traffic sources may have restrictions on their platforms.

Tell stories

You can use stories to connect with people based on their experiences and emotions. We’re generally socially-oriented so we respond by supporting other people when we realize they’ve been through a similar experience or they have the same challenges we do. It tends to make your audience trust you more as well.


All of the above are great ways you can make your headlines stand out but remember that in addition to following this advice, you should also include your own experience, wit, tactic, mental analytics, and more to make them for you. Experiment with them, run A/B tests, and adapt to what works best for you and keep updating as your audience’s needs change. It’s not the easiest or quickest process but the results you get will make it all worth it.