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How to succeed with digital commerce in the new normal

Kiva Onyi
Author Kiva Onyi

Due to the restrictions caused by the COVID19 pandemic, eCommerce is now a major lifeline for people to purchase their preferred services and goods. For businesses all over the world, digital commerce has taken center stage as part of what should be adopted into their current business models. Developing a stellar eCommerce experience for your customers in a post COVID world will involve a close look at your limits and strengths and then using the information you learn to make your business model better.

Be trendy

As more consumers get their essentials online, there is a surge in web traffic even in places merchants would not expect across the eCommerce landscape. It’s important to keep a close watch on your metrics and trends in sales so that when there is a hike in interest from unexpected audiences, you can react accordingly. When you notice increases in interests from one area, marketing campaigns should be geared towards that area in order to reach a wider audience who are now showing interest and searching for your services or products.

Be clear

Presenting information on things like your fulfillment, returns, and shipping policies should be in a clear manner because they play a major role in your customer journey. This information should be updated regularly and placed where they are easy to spot so customers know what expectations to have regarding their orders, order with confidence, and make the appropriate plans. Shipping fees should appear as soon as orders are placed to avoid surprising customers when they proceed to checkout. This will enable your buyers to have the right budget as shipping costs would be factored in immediately. Things like bonuses, promotions, and discounts should also be easy to spot to enable customers to have an idea of the value they’ll be getting on that particular spend. Any other supply chain and logistics changes should be made known to the customer early.

Embrace analytics

Having a business strategy that is not only effective but forward-thinking begins with having a deep understanding of your customer needs and situation. Several businesses dedicate a good amount of time to reaching out to customers, engaging with team members that come in contact with customers often as well as studying feedback from customers in order to learn more about your buyers. Another important thing to stay aware of is the state of your industry because external factors like issues with your supply chain can have an effect on your customer experience as well. Knowing what each aspect of your business is going through contributes to the efficient allocation of resources and reduction of waste. While conducting these analyses, bear in mind the differences it will now have for other players in your industry as well as your customers compared to months before in addition to what expectations your customers will have now and how you intend to meet them. Chart and evaluate your usual supply chain right from the manufacturing stage to the delivery so you can pick out areas where their needs aren’t being met.

Be engaging

As the world is still quite uncertain, it is important to have high levels of customer engagement and make the most use of marketing initiatives to stay in touch with your customers. Communication channels like emails and your eCommerce sites can be an effective tool for keeping in touch with and building customer relationships. Well thought out and prepared marketing assets are capable of further building these connections you have made thus keeping your business at the forefront on your customers’ minds. Businesses that do not have a presence on or a strategy for social media are advised to start now and invest in these channels. There are millions of users on the internet who use it to search for business and personal connections. Businesses with an existing presence and strategy can evaluate them to spot the posts that perform best and replicate them to reach more people.

Be available

Your existing operations may have to be disrupted and modified to better serve your customers as times keep changing. Things like live chats on a website can encourage shoppers to be more open to asking questions as they are assured of immediate answers. Businesses that do not have this feature yet can work on adding it to their site as well as offering things like curbside pickup to facilitate contactless shopping. Expedited shipping options can be offered to shoppers who expect a premium service like door to door delivery. Stores with inventory in a brick and mortar location can also use those sites as a warehouse to store goods.